Providing infinite technology solution and sharing faithfulness, This is Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd!

From the establishment of Livi machinery company we keep on innovating and being excellent so that Livi machinery company become widely acceptable. The honor we got can't separate from our continuous research and superior quality. Adhering to the high quality and new technology, Livi machinery company inputs lots of manpower and material resources for science and technology innovation every year, and Livi machinery also creates one after another success of this industry.

The company pursues highly standard manufacturing process and qualified products. All the products had passed the quality certification system of ISO9001:2000. 

The electrostatic spraying technology in our company is the first and the largest produce line in the husbandry breeding industry. Compared with traditional coating technology, electrostatic spraying technology has distinct advantages and the quality is reliable. Environmental produce process is healthy to people and livestock.The coating of the cages with silky appearance  is self-cleaning. It has strong  adhesion, mechanical shear and spray force, which ensures its service life up to 15-20 years. The electrostatic spray technology, meeting the national requirement of environment protection, is the industry development direction. 

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