Automatic feeding machine

1.Warranty: 15-20 years

2. Material: galvanized stainless

3.Feeding system: automatic

4.Volume of feed box: 120L (V-shaped)

5.Diameter of feed pan: 360mm

6. Diameter of feed pipe: 45mm

We provide turnkey project for the medium and large scale poultry farming over 5000 birds, and supply full set of the automatic equipment for the layer, broiler and pullet.


There are three types of feeding equipment, seeding type, A type and vertical H type. The automatic feeding equipment consists of a  driving motor, a hopper, a conveying pipe, auger, feeder pans, a suspension  lifting device  an anti perching device and a feed sensor.   The main function of the system is to deliver the feed from the hopper into each feeder pan to ensure the eating of broilers and automatic control the conveying opening and closing of the motor by a feed sensor to achieve the aim of automatic feeding.

Features of automatic feeding machine:

1.Hot-dipped galvanized material, make the durability 15-20 years, never go rustiness.

2.Each row has an independent feeding machine, easy to operate, and the maintenance rate is very low.

3.Full-automatic control, greatly labor-saving, one person can feeding all the chicken in 10-15 minutes.

Silos and augers:

Feed storage and transport systems

Silos – the base for hygienic feed storage

We offer you high quality silos for inside and outside use along with all the accessories you need for hygienic feed storage. This includes:

silos made of galvanized sheet steel

silos made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GRP)

inside silos made of Trevira fabric.

You can choose the right silo of the appropriate? size out of a wide range of products. All systems can be filled pneumatically or by auger.

The respective silo size depends on daily feed consumption and required storage time.


1.high-quality zinc-aluminum coating of all steel parts and use of glass-fiber reinforced plastic for improved corrosion protection and a long service life;

2.trouble-free feed withdrawal due to optimum degree of slope in the silo funnel;

3.auger box either rigid or flexible, adjustable from 0 to 45° – ensures operational safety;

4.roof shape ensures use of the entire volume;

5.the use of GRP silos allows simple checking of feed level due to the transparency of the material;

6.high functional reliability.

Augers and Flex Vey for feed transport:

With our feed conveying systems, your feed – be it meal, pellets or crumbs– passes from the silo into the house safely and without any loss of quality. We offer augers and Flex Vey conveyor systems in a variety of sizes. For conveying capacities up to 4.5 t/h, the Flex Vey (spiral) is normally used.

For even higher capacities or pitches up to 75°, an auger is the ideal option. In exceptional circumstances, even pitches

up to 90° can be carried out (max. length of auger 10 m).

Which system is the right one for you depends on your individual requirements.


1.our Flex Vey conveyor spiral consists of  high-quality and extremely flexible spring steel;

2.the feed can be transported into the  house around bends of up to 90° safely, quickly and without feed separation;

3.universal application for each type of house;

4.for high conveying capacities; and easy assembly:

6.can be driven by means of a V-belt motor or a gear motor.

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