Automatic egg collecting machine

Fully use of space& save cost

Reduce egg damage rat

Galvanized steel wire mesh

Fully automatic chicken egg collector equipment

We provide turnkey project for the medium and large scale poultry farming over 5000 birds, and supply full set of the automatic equipment for the layer, broiler and pullet.


This automatic egg collecting machine including imported equipment, pick up egg plant, export device, buffer device, transmission device, sprocket, and the lifting chain, described by a number of egg pick up eggs device connected in parallel by the claw group down the chain above, The equipment and systems with anti-slip and without damage the egg function, can reduce the human and material expenses, and for large chicken farm.


1. simple and reliable technology design

2. strong collecting ability

3. suitable for largest unit investment benefit scheme

4. low maintenance requirements

5. suitable for long distance transmission


1. save time and labor costs.

2. production of optimum egg quality, clean eggs.

3. advanced technology and reliability, easy to operate.

4. large collection capacity, minimum maintenance requirements.

5. accurate count of the total number of eggs produced per tier, row and house.

6. optimum and specified distribution of eggs on the elevator chain, fewer cracked eggs.

Technical specifications:

1. Size of 5 tiers(L*W*H): 2.74*1. 4*2.64m;

Size of 3 tiers(L*W*H): 2. 3*1. 4*1.6m;

2. Rated Power: 0.75~3.0kw

3. Egg collecting quantity/H: more than 3000 pcs

4. Belt working speed: 1-3m/min

5. Egg broken rate: ≤0.5%

6. Working type: 4 tiers working together

7. Paint thickness:≥0.05mm

8. Machine weight: 450kg

9. Rated voltage: 380V

10. Source type: AC, 3-phase source

11. Width of  egg-collection: 100mm (made in Italy)

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