Layer chicken cages

Type:  A type and H type layer chicken cages.

Size:  A type: 1950*350*380mm     H type: 1950*500*430mm

Raw material:  International Q235 bridge-steel.

Tiers: 3 or 4 layers; 4or 5 doors, according to your need.

Cage frame: U-shaped steel bar.

We provide turnkey project for the medium and large scale poultry farming over 5000 birds, and supply full set of the automatic equipment for the layer, broiler and pullet.


1.Chicken cages consist of two types, A type and vertical H type, which is applicable to various kinds of chicken house(opened type, half-opened type, closed type).


2.The cages are made of Q235steel. The U-shaped steel frame is solid enough to support the cages.

3.High density multi-tier chicken cages can reduce the use of land.

4.The cages can save fodder and water, reduce the rate of egg broken, and reduce poultry manure pollution.

5.The cages adopt the newest forth-generetion electrostatic spraying treatment. Compared with traditional metal plating process, electrostatic spraying process is much  more environmental  friendly and anticorrosive; the coating with silky appearance  is self-cleaning, which can greatly reduce the infection rate of  chicken disease.

Equipment list of the layer cage breeding system:

Basic configuration:

1. Layer chicken cage

2. Automatic drinking system

3. Trough


Optional automatic equipment:

1. Automatic egg-collecting system

2. Automatic feeding system

3. Automatic manure-removing system

4. Climate control system

5. Computerized control system

Parameters of Layer chicken cage:

Type Model Birds Qty / Door Birds Qty / Set Specification
A-Type 3-Tier 4-Door 4 pcs 96 pcs 1950mm*350mm*380mm
3-Tier 5-Door 3 pcs 90 pcs 1950mm*350mm*380mm
4-Tier 4-Door 4 pcs 128 pcs 1950mm*350mm*380mm
4-Tier 5-Door 3 pcs 120 pcs 1950mm*350mm*380mm
4-Tier 5-Door 4 pcs 160 pcs 1950mm*450mm*410mm
H-Type 3-Tier 4-Door 6 pcs 144 pcs 1800mm*600mm*430mm
4-Tier 4-Door 6 pcs 192 pcs 1800mm*600mm*430mm
5-Tier 4-Door 6 pcs 240 pcs 1800mm*600mm*430mm
6-Tier 4-Door 6 pcs 288 pcs 1800mm*600mm*430mm
For example:
Type, Model, Specification Birds Qty / Set Sets / Row Birds Qty / Row Length / Row
A-Type 3-Tier 5-Door
90 pcs 30 set 2700 pcs 60m
50 set 4500 pcs 100m
A-Type 4-Tier 4-Door
128 pcs 30 set 3840 pcs 60m
50 set 6400 pcs 100m
A-Type 4-Tier 5-Door
160 pcs 30 set 4800 pcs 60m
50 set 8000 pcs 100m
H-Type 4-Tier 4-Door
192 pcs 30 set 5760 pcs 54m
50 set 9600 pcs 90m
H-Type 5-Tier 4-Door
240 pcs 30 set 7200 pcs 54m
50 set 12000 pcs 90m
H-Type 6-Tier 4-Door
288 pcs 30 set 8640 pcs 54m
50 set 14400 pcs 90m

Note:   If there are any special specifications, cages also can be customized to sample.

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